Sunday, September 20, 2009

School Days

So, first and second day of JK went off without too much trouble.

The morning of his first day James was very excited and anxious to get there. My evil fiend and I walked our Monkey over to the Kindergarten pen, and stood off to the side with all the other parental units. James was fine until the reality of the situation kind of clicked in. He was going into the classroom but Mommy and Daddy weren't. He started to cry, and before I could even blink the teacher wisely grabbed his hand and led him away. She said he was fine as soon as they got inside.

James is usually a fearless, chatter bug who imagines adventures wherever he goes. He will chat with anyone, telling them stories about Godzilla and asking them question about dinosaurs and robots. He likes to make up his own jokes and sing songs.

His second day of school went swimmingly well. Apparently he didn't want to leave because he was having such a good time. His teacher told us that she was very impressed with his vast vocabulary, and that he performed the entire "I Love You Forever" Munsch story for the class.

He's already talking about how much he's looking forward to school on Monday.

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